Small pets and animals for sale in Santa Cruz, CA

Shanti is a dreamy bunny. Daughter of Sita, Cuddly, lovable and loving and Ananda, Shanti, Parvati and Rama are all sisters and they adore each other- Can be adopted as pairs or as a group! Amazing bunnies ! Litterbox trained Can be spayed in March 20...
Charming bunny! Daughter of Sita, Cuddly, cute and loving and Ananda, Shanti, Parvati and Rama are all sisters and they adore each other- Can be adopted as pairs or as a group! Amazing bunnies ! Litterbox trained Can be spayed in March 2018. What b...
Daughter of Sita, Cuddly, adorable and loving and Ananda, Shanti, Parvati and Rama are all sisters and they adore each other- Can be adopted as pairs or as a group! Amazing bunnies ! Litterbox trained Can be spayed in March 2018. What stunning girls -...
Mystic is a charming, absolutely wonderful tiny fuzzy lop. He loves pets.. He can be a bit scared at times which just means that he needs more love. Well, that is the easiest thing in the world to do love Mystic. Look at him! What a sweet little boy. He is neutered too and every bit as cute as he looks. Lives in x pen setting close to family Uses a litterbox.
Oscar is a small, lion head, neutered male rabbit born Jan 2017. He is active and loves to play in tunnels and toys he can toss. He uses his litterbox, food and water dishes. Eats hays and clean pellets and plenty of greens. Lovely boy.
This darling pair of boys are happy and precious. Born April 15, 2017, they are young boys. They are neutered of course. They love to romp and play and be with their human family They are content to play as a pair or with you as a single. They live in an x pen area and are nice free roam bunnies too! They eat lot so hay every day and fresh leafy greens. They enjoy limited pellets as well. They ...
Awesome little boy healthy and neutered. This charming little boy is full of joy and happiness. He loves to romp and play and then he is happy all the day. He eats greens and pellets and lots of hay...He wants to be close to you There is no other way. He lives in an x pen with lots of toys, He is quite the boy. Ok for free roam bunny!
Hi, I'm Zoe! I was born in July and somehow ended up on the street during the real hot spell. If I hadn't been taken in and brought to the Shelter I'm sure I wouldn't have made it as I was really really hot and suffering when I was brought in. But I ...
This gentle, loving bunny was born with an deformity inside of his nasal passages. Since the passage way is not normal, he can easily get hay into his nose, so he requires a hay container that helps keep any dusty or short hay out of his nose. He can have only orchard grass hay in his litterbox. He needs a super clean environment with a sheet for his flooring under his pen. Possibly tile floori...
Ananda- Pure white and a complete delight! Born on the 30th of August, this bunny is tiny, affectionate and loving. Like her siblings she is a knowing bunny. Centered and filled with wonder. Ananda wants her forever family though. She wants to grow up with you! Oh, she does appreciate toys that jingle or willow balls she can roll or toss.
Lina is a lovely large, lovely girl. She is spayed and healthy. Ready to meet her new family. Lina is curious and somewhat playful. Enjoys pets and is easy going. She lives in an x pen enclosure and uses a litterbox & Food/water dishes. She eats primarily western timothy hay and Greens then fullgrown formula pellets. She enjoys tents and toys as well.
My name is Olive, and I am a pure white, neutered New Zealand rabbit. My disposition is gentle and kind, and because I am an mature rabbit, I am content to lounge throughout the day and daydream of wondrous dandelions and special treats! Although I eat primarily hay and pellets, I love to eat fresh dinosaur kale and a few blueberries. I prefer to live with a person who handles me in a gentle ma...
Sweet Helena is a big Full grown French lop. She needs special grooming and will appreciate and loving home where she can romp and play. She needs plenty of food and room. She uses an x large litterbox and a food and water bowl. She is a music and video friendly bunny Can be spayed soon. What a sweet girl.
Soliana is an lovable bunny girl. She was born June first and raised by her foster mom, Tya. Lucky bunny. Tya took very nice care of her. She has now grown up and is ready for her very own forever home. She eats Alfalfa hay and pellets and loves to play and snuggle. She lives in an x pen. Loves fleece under her little feet. She is truly enchanting and will bring so much love into your home. Con...
Hi, Our names are Kokono & Loto. We are both brothers. We were born on March 26, 2017. We are neutered and happy brothers. We need love, support, alfalfa hay and alfalfa pellets and planty of greens every day. We live in a four x 4 x pen and love to romp and play. We are adorable boys and pretty affectionate too. We love to play every day and spend time with our humans. Will you consider a prec...
This exquisite, young, tiny dwarf girl is spayed and sweet as she can be. She is also playful, independent and a precious companion for a gentle loving full grown family without dogs or cats. Davina loves lots of space to run and play and snuggles well in her snuggle pod. She lives in an x pen with Fleece as her flooring She uses a litterbox and food water dish. She is quite delicate so will ne...
This Loving Mother and daughter could not bear to be separated so here they are. So precious and loving and snuggly. They are also happy and have the best time together yet they each have plenty of interest in their humans too. Love treats, toys, playtime. Live in an x pen (big) and use a litterbox food and water dish This delightful pair are spayed and perfectly healthy.
Hello I am a baby girl found in Santa Cruz County. I am happy but I really need a family right away and a place to binky and play. Have you always wanted a baby bunny girl? Maybe it is me?? I am precious and joyful. I eat lots of alfalfa hay, pellets and romaine right now. I use a litterbox and a food water dish. I like to live in an x pen too and to spend time with my humans I am an all around...
Moose is easy going and gentle. Lives in x pen. Uses a food and water dish and litterbox. Likes to play in his cotton tail cottage and to explore. Moose is a playful bunny. He eats western timothy and orchard grass hay plus plenty of greens - he currently lives with Henry who he loves. Moose is An full grown and is neutered. Adores attention and toys.
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